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As a qualified optician-optometrist with over 10 years experience  We take into account the same data as in your optics case nearby. With the big difference that you can do this easily from your own home. Sunglass boutique (Zonnebrilboetiek) is the place for everyone who is looking for quality sunglasses.

As only shopping has became more and more known by everyone. I have found that there are too many websites are offering bad quality glasses. We can not forget the main reason for wearing sunglasses ... the protection of our eyes for UV-light.

This was a real eyeopener!!! Therefore all the sunglasses offered on this website have 100% UV protection.
We like to combine good protection with pure fashion.

We try to offer you the same guidance as in our own shop in Belgium ... Optiek Dobbelaere.
Please feel free to call or mail us for help.